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What If...
You Could Magically Probe the Minds of the Individuals who Potentially hold your future in in their hands...What Are they Thinking?

Success is a Combination of...

  • The Power of Your Resumes, Cover Letters, and Key Documents

  • The impact Your Thoughts and Manner of Presentation Create in the Interview Process

  • The Intangibles of your Attitude, Dress, and Focus


Your Next Steps Team

Education, Personal Growth, and Professional Advancement Mean Everything to You. We Understand. We're Here to Help As You Take Your Next Steps !

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                        Gil Wilburn

                              I'm Passionate about the                             Impact that Powerful                                     Communication has in

                         Changing Lives and                                      Creating Opportunities.

  • My Professional Assignments have Centered on Business  Communication, Training, and Executive Recruiting /Coaching, Strategic Planning

  •  Helping Individuals and Organizations Align Institutional and Personal Communication Goals

  • Working Collaboratively within Organizations to Create and Implement Client-Focused Strategies  for Marketing Communication, Business Development, and Presentations 



Our Extended Team

Over time I have had the opportunity to Collaborate with a Team of Dedicated Professionals Focused on the Creation of Powerful and Compelling Communication

  • Each Professional, has, in their own way, Developed Expertise in Various industries, and with the Leading Institutions that shape Major Industries

  • Once we Understand your Needs and Expectations we will make sure that the Deliverables we Collaborate with You in Creating ...

  • ... are Given Expert Evaluation, and are Fine-tuned to Provide you with the Best Possible Results...

We've Partnered With...

  • Leaders and Teams in a Broad Range of Fortune 500 Companies, and Market Research Professionals

  • Key Branches of Military and Federal Agencies 

  • Major Innovators in Telecom, IT, Transportation, Manufacturing, Finance, and Education

  • (A Partial Listing of Major Clients is available. (Click Here)

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